An Eye for Better Eyewear

RONNIE AND JOE is a multi-brand eyewear concept from Manila. Founded in 2013, RONNIE AND JOE curates the world’s most sought-after trends with an impeccable eye and a global perspective.

In partnership with Paris Miki, the company sets a new standard for well-crafted, stylish frames and excellence in optical services under one upscale platform.


Born out of our founder’s frustration with the status quo and the need to create an elevated eyewear experience in Manila, RONNIE AND JOE’s featured brands are reflections of time-honored craftsmanship.

RONNIE AND JOE was named after a pair of iconoclasts. Captains of industry, political changemakers, a duo known equally well for their bold taste in eyewear, twin brothers Ronnie and Joe Concepcion served as inspiration for the local, multi-brand optical concept since its founding in 2013. As an upscale platform curating the world’s most sought-after eyewear trends and excellence in optical service in one destination, RONNIE AND JOE embodies the bold spirit and the forward looking eye of its namesake.

Born in Manila, Eyes to the World. RONNIE AND JOE aims to embody the bold spirit and the forward looking eye of these twin brothers.

What Makes Us Unique


An Impeccable Eye. RONNIE AND JOE offers a world-class curation of the most sought-after eyewear brands all housed in one retail destination.

Global Access. RONNIE AND JOE offers an of-the-moment selection of brands that speak to the hottest global trends; the strength of our product mix as a multi-brand is key.

A Human Touch. Excellent service and an elevated customer experience brought to you by our in-house stylists and our well-trained opticians.