ANY DI Munich Sun Cover Athena

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The Greek ornaments, called meanders, draw Santorini's labyrinth of white alleys on the SunCover. The SunCover reveals its intricate details only upon closer inspection, aptly named after the goddess of wisdom. Because a special embossing process turns the pattern into a haptic experience and impresses despite that with its classic and subtle pearly white appearance. The glasses case is not just a glamorous eye-catcher, it is an innovative way of storing your glasses. Stylishly hung on your bag or belt, your SunCover becomes a unique eye-catcher. 

  • Height 6.5 cm / width 13.5 cm / Weight 0.04kg
  • Design patented shape
  • Hanger on the back for attaching to a bag or belt
  • Made in Germany
Style: Athena
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