ANY DI Munich Sun Cover Medusa

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There are hardly any symbols in the world that are as complex as those of the snake. For us, it is clearly a symbol of vitality and beauty - exactly what the ANY DIva radiates. The elaborate snake appliqué, which runs continuously on the back, makes the “Medusa” glasses case a powerful and luxurious designer it-piece for your favorite bag. In addition, softly padded microfibers protect the lenses from pressure and scratches and at the same time keep dirt and dust away. The high-quality processing of the fine material combined with the 24 carat gold-plated push button ensures the SunCover has a luxurious finish. 

  • Height 6.5 cm / width 13.5 cm / Weight 0.04kg
  • Design patented shape
  • Hanger on the back for attaching to a bag or belt
  • Made in Germany
Style: Medusa
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